Supported Wallets

Written by Lightning Pay

Updated: May 16, 2024


Buying Bitcoin / Selling NZD

In order to make your bitcoin purchase and withdrawal as seamless and easy as possible, Lightning Pay uses a withdrawal feature called LNURL-withdraw or LNURLw. While many lightning wallets support this feature, it is not universally supported.



By default, Lightning Pay uses LNURLw as a mechanism for withdrawing bitcoin from the platform. As of the time of writing, here is a list of the most commonly used Bitcoin Lightning Wallets that support withdrawals from Lightning Pay.

As of the date of the last update of this article, the following wallets are not supported. We hope these wallets add support for LNURLw soon, as we love these otherwise!

  • Aqua
  • Strike
  • Mutiny
    • Nominally, Mutiny supports LNURLw, but cannot receive from Lightning Pay as of our last test.
Lightning Address

A number of wallets provide a human readable address to receive payment, even when the user is offline. As of the time of writing, these wallets have been tested to work with Lightning Pay's lightning address withdrawal feature.

The following wallets should work as well, but may have some issues with liquidity, or special conditions based on their implementation of lightning addresses. 

Selling Bitcoin / Buying NZD

In order to sell bitcoin through Lightning Pay, you’ll simply need to have bitcoin available on any lightning bitcoin wallet. All wallets that support payments on the lightning network can be used to deposit bitcoin for sale.

If you’re unsure which Lightning wallet is right for you, read on in our article, “Choosing a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet.”