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Merchant Benefits

Transaction Fee

You'll pay nothing to accept payments.

Hardware costs

You can use lightning pay on your mobile, PoS terminals are optional

Monthly Service fee

No ongoing costs

Contactless Payments

Bitcoin's paywave has no additional cost.

Solutions for Individuals

Personal Services

Buy and Sell bitcoin
Buy and Sell bitcoin

Use lightning pay to top up your lightning wallet, sell some back to us whenever you need.

Smash Buy Bitcoin
Smash Buy Bitcoin

Need some bitcoin quick while on the go? Use our smash buy service to 1-tap purchase straight to your wallet!

Autobuy (DCA)
Autobuy (DCA)

Use our auto-buy service to do dollar cost averaging (DCA) or just want to automatically buy some bitcoin every day / week / month?

Pay a bill
Pay a bill

Pay any bill in New Zealand using Bitcoin with our new "pay a bill" service

Solutions for Merchants

Merchant Services

Bitcoin Point of Sale app
Bitcoin Point of Sale app

Accept bitcoin and be guaranteed to recieve the full amount in dollars into your bank account by the next business day.

Split BTC / NZD
Split BTC / NZD

Choose how much you want to receive in bitcoin and how much you want to receive in dollars with our payment splitter

API Hosted Payments
API Hosted Payments

Use our hosted payment solution to take payments online. We have a straight forward API for your custom integration

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As an individual why should I care? 

Benefits to Individuals

  • Lower Transaction Fees: Traditional Bitcoin transactions can have high fees, especially during network congestion. The Lightning Network allows for much lower transaction fees, making microtransactions feasible.
  • Faster Transactions: Transactions on the Lightning Network are almost instant, unlike regular Bitcoin transactions which can take minutes to hours to confirm.
  • Micropayments: The network supports micropayments, allowing individuals to pay tiny amounts, which is impractical with regular NZD transactions due to high fees.
  • Control: Transactions on the lightning network are push transactions, not pull transactions so unlike regular card transactions there is much less chance of fraud. 
  • Improved Privacy: Since transactions on Bitcoin are not subject to inherent surveilance your privacy is much better protected.
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As a merchant why should I care? 

Benefits to Merchants

  • Lower Transaction Fees: The Lightning Network significantly reduces transaction fees compared to traditional card payments, allowing merchants to keep more of their revenue.
  • Instant Payments: Payments are processed almost instantly, eliminating the waiting time associated with traditional bank transactions and improving the customer experience.
  • Increased Customer Base: By accepting Bitcoin, merchants can attract customers globally who prefer to use Bitcoin, expanding their potential market.
  • Reduced Chargeback Risk: Bitcoin Lightning transactions, once confirmed, are irreversible, which reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud for merchants.
  • Support for Micropayments: The Lightning Network allows for micropayments, enabling new business models like pay-per-use services, tipping, and small value purchases that are impractical with traditional payment methods.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Instant payments mean that merchants receive funds immediately, improving cash flow and financial planning.
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How Lightning Pay works.

Lightning Pay can be used to pay for goods and services easily with a mobile phone

  • Payer tops up with Lightning Bitcoin from our service
  • Payment from payer to the merchant is transmitted over the lightning network
  • The payment is instant.
  • The merchant can opt to convert the payment instantly to NZD at point of sale.

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