Connecting New Zealand to the Bitcoin Lightning Network

The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin to pay for what you want, with improved privacy, convenience, and avoiding the middle man.

Simple convenience to Kiwi merchants with low fees and zero chargeback risks. NZD in your bank the next day.

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Merchant Benefits

Contactless Payments

Lightning Pay's contactless payments Bolt Cards have no additional cost.

Hardware costs

You can use lightning pay on your mobile, fancy PoS terminals are optional

Transaction Fee

Lightning Pay processes your transactions at no fee.

Free payments

Overall you'll pay nothing to accept payments.

Keep up with our latest developments

We're in an open beta stage at the moment, this means that you shouldn't rely on us for 100% uptime just yet. We're moving fast, upgrading our systems and adding new features.

To keep a handle on what's new.

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Understand our offering

Extremely Low Merchant Fees
Extremely Low Merchant Fees

With Lightning Pay, you can accept payments without worrying about losing profits to merchant fees. We've simplified the payments process to put more money back in your pocket.

Next-day NZD Settlement
Next-day NZD Settlement

Accept Bitcoin and see NZD in your bank account the very next business day. It's that simple. Enjoy the convenience of fast, reliable, and seamless transactions.

Open and Global Payments Network
Open and Global Payments Network

Expand your reach and tap into a global market. With Lightning Pay, your business can accept payments from around the world, instantly converted into NZD.

Eliminate Chargeback Risk
Eliminate Chargeback Risk

Chargebacks can be a costly part of doing business. But with Lightning Pay, they're a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the risks and hello to peace of mind.

Bitcoin Convenience Without the Hassle
Bitcoin Convenience Without the Hassle

Enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin without the volatility and tax implications? We've got you covered. With Lightning Pay, you can accept NZD payments and never have to look after the Bitcoin.

Access to an Untapped Bitcoin Market
Access to an Untapped Bitcoin Market

With Lightning Pay, you can attract a growing market of Bitcoin users to your business. It's a win-win situation, bringing Bitcoiners through your doors and increasing your customer base.

Shape Our Product

We're building Lightning Pay to revolutionize your transactions. Your insights can help us shape the future. Tell us what you want to see in our product.

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Buy Bitcoin with Lightning Pay

At Lightning Pay, we're all about making payments easier and more accessible, which is why we're interested in making it easier to top up your lightning wallet with bitcoin. You'll be able to buy Bitcoin directly through our app, with NZD from your bank account, and have it instantly delivered to your Lightning wallet. It's fast, simple, and the perfect way to connect you with the global Bitcoin market, and support bitcoin adoption by spending with our merchants!

Instant Settlement

Simple convenience to Kiwi merchants with low fees, zero chargeback risks, and and next-day NZD settlement.



We can convert the Bitcoin payment to NZD instantly at Point of Sale.

The lightning network is a layer 2 for Bitcoin that allows for instantaneous payments, you can then opt for Lightning Pay to convert that payment to NZD at point of sale.

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How Lightning Pay works.

Lightning Pay can be used to pay for goods and services easily with a mobile phone

  • Payer tops up with Lightning Bitcoin from our service
  • Payment from payer to the merchant is transmitted over the lightning network
  • The payment is instant.
  • The merchant can opt to convert the payment instantly to NZD at point of sale.


Lightning Pay brings the power of the Bitcoin Lightning Network to Kiwi merchants, marrying the convenience of traditional transactions with the innovation of cryptocurrency.

Say goodbye to high merchant fees and chargeback risks. Enjoy the simplicity of next-day NZD settlements and welcome the opportunity to tap into a global customer base. By accepting Bitcoin, you're not just embracing a new payment method - you're opening your doors to a rapidly growing market of tech-savvy customers.

With Lightning Pay, you can accept Bitcoin without ever dealing with it. We've simplified Bitcoin for everyday use, allowing you to reap the benefits without the volatility and tax implications. We're here to make your business more profitable, more versatile, and ready for the future of transactions.

We're building Lightning Pay with your needs at heart. Tell us what you want to see in our product as we develop it.

Join us on this journey to redefine payments, one transaction at a time.

Help us shape the future of payments