How to Sell Bitcoin on Lightning Pay

By Lightning Pay

Updated: June 1, 2024


Choose Amount to Sell

  1. Login at Lightning Pay.
  2. On the main landing page, click "Sell Bitcoin"
  3. Enter the amount you wish to sell in any field
  4. Tap or Click on "Sell Bitcoin Now"

Confirm Amount and Choose Payment Flow

  1. Check amount desired to sell is correct
  2. Tap/Click on "Sell"
  3. When the QR code for payment is displayed, pay the invoice via one of the provided options. We use "Copy Invoice" below to execute our transaction with a single mobile device

Payment Flow Options: 

  • Scan QR Code - With a wallet on a second device, scan the provided QR code and execute payment
  • Open Invoice - Open the invoice directly in your desired mobile wallet. On iOS, you are only able to choose the iOS "default" wallet, which can cause issues.
  • Copy Invoice - Places the payment data into your device clipboard, where you can paste it into your wallet of choice. This is what we'll use in our demo below.


Send Bitcoin

We use Wallet of Satoshi in our demo below, though the UX and options are similar in most wallets.

  1. Tap/Click "Send"
  2. Click the "Clipboard" button, confirm you wish to paste from the clipboard
  3. When once again prompted, confirm payment details and choose "Send"


That's It

Once your payment is received at Lightning Pay, your order is complete! We send all NZD user funds at the end of the day, so you should see it in your account by at least the next business day.

For more help with Lightning Pay’s exchange service, go to our support pages at, or email us at