Lightning Pay Fees and Limits

By Lightning Pay Limited

Updated June 6th, 2024


Lightning Pay Exchange BTC to NZD

Lightning Pay's exchange service works by providing New Zealand customers easy access to bitcoin on the Lightning Network. The costs we incur for this service are variable, and largely depend on foreign exchange costs, volatility, and the difference between our purchasing and selling volume. For these costs, you will only be charged a flat rate, and you can leave the complexity to us.

When costs are incurred directly for your purchase or sell (bank fees, for example), these are the only added costs you will incur.


Current Fee rates for Lightning Pay's exchange service:

Buying Bitcoin - 1% + Bank Fee

Selling Bitcoin - 1%



Below are the current limits for your Lightning Pay account while we start our beta testing. We expect these to change as we onboard more users and conduct early phase testing.

Single Transaction Limit: $2000

Daily Buy Limit: $2,000

Daily Sell Limit: $2,000

Monthly Buy Limit: $20,000

Monthly Sell Limit: $20,000