How to Buy Bitcoin with Lightning Pay

By Lightning Pay

Updated June 4, 2024


Buying bitcoin on Lightning Pay is incredibly easy! Follow along below if you need help. The most important thing is to ensure you have a compatible bitcoin wallet. Check out our article for the most popular bitcoin wallets that support our buy service.


Choose Amount to Purchase

  1. Login at Lightning Pay
  2. Enter the amount you wish to buy in any field
  3. Tap or Click on "Sell Bitcoin Now"


Choose Withdrawal Option

There are two withdrawal options via Lightning Pay, Manual QR Withdrawal via LNURLw, and Lightning Address Withdrawal. To understand more about compatibility of wallets with each withdrawal type, visit our Wallet Compatibility article. Below, we'll take you through each workflow.


Lightning Address Withdrawal

If you have a Lightning Address setup in your profile, you can withdraw to a Lightning Address.

  1. Choose the "Deposit Straight to Lightning Address" option
  2. Choose the Lightning Address to which you wish to receive, tap/click "next"
  3. Choose your payment method, for this article, we're demonstrating the Akahu API payment method
  4. Tap/Click and Confirm


Manual QR Withdrawal

  1. Choose "Manual Withdraw" in the selection menu
  2. Tap/Click "Next"
  3. Choose your payment method, for this article, we're demonstrating the Akahu API payment method
  4. Tap/Click and Confirm
  5. Below, we will demonstrate the "Copy Invoice" option for withdrawal



Claim your Payment via QR

For manual withdrawal via QR code, there are three mechanisms you can choose from to execute the withdrawal. Below we demonstrate copying the invoice and claiming with Wallet of Satoshi on the same mobile device.

  1. Scan the QR code provided with another device. You may also take a screenshot of the QR and open it via a wallet on the same device (Wallet of Satoshi has this feature). 
  2. "Open Invoice" will allow you to open the QR withdrawal claim on a wallet of your choosing (Android) or the default wallet for Lightning Network links (iOS). 
  3. "Copy Invoice," which we demonstrate below, allows you to paste the withdrawal code manually in your wallet of choosing. This is the method we demonstrate below.
    1. Tap/Click "Copy Invoice"
    2. Open your Wallet
    3. Tap/Click "receive," then the "Scan" Icon.
    4. Tap/Click the Clipboard option
    5. Paste the Code, click "Receive" to confirm
    6. Move back to Lightning Pay to confirm the withdrawal is complete



That's It!

Congrats on your first bitcoin purchase via Lightning Pay. If you have any other questions, please visit our support pages for our range of knowledge base articles, or feel free to reach out to us at