Welcome to Lightning Pay

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Welcome to Lightning Pay!

You are our early minority. Maybe you've got the same vision we have, to leverage the bitcoin lightning network to solve real problems for merchants and consumers in New Zealand. 

…Or you’re completely new, wondering what this is all about - welcome to the journey!

We’re obviously fresh faced and out of the starting blocks and as our early minority we’re hoping you’re gunning for us to succeed but you’re also ready for us to have a few loose ends and a bit of spit and polish on the experience still outstanding. 

If there are any issues we will resolve them and we appreciate your patience and more importantly your feedback, so that we know what we’re building meets your needs.

Here’s what you can expect from Lightning Pay in the coming months:

  • A small, closed beta of our lightning native bitcoin on and off ramp, making it simple to swap your NZD for bitcoin on the lightning network.
  • Integration of this service with an easy point-of-sale app for merchants who want to accept payments in bitcoin, with the option to receive NZD.
  • From there, we’ll begin building out our merchant service offering, and conducting research into simplifying the on-ramp for lightning payers.

We’ve got the first step of the Lightning Pay system working, we have all our compliance and documentation in order and we’ve even spoken to lawyers to make sure everything we’re doing is by the book.

We recently got our bank account and we’re now in the process of getting the onboarding system up and running so we can get you started. We will have this ready by the end of Jan so expect an email from us then to let you know.

We can’t wait to have you try out our new service and to hear what you think.

Have a great Christmas and new year.


Rob, Brandon and Simon 
The Lightning Pay Team.