How to Register as a Merchant with Lightning Pay

To get started with the onboarding process head over to our web app. This is the web portal where you can check transactions and connect the POS app.

Logging in might be slightly different than what you are used to as we do not use passwords with Lightning Pay, we use login links sent to your email. We also require two factor authentication. Please see our login guide if you are unsure how to proceed.

If you have already registered a personal account and are signed in under that account you will need to sign out of that account first.

When you sign in/up please use your business email address. When you are signed in click "Verify" to start the onboarding process. During the process please select "Business / Company account".

As part of the verification we use a service called "Akahu" (owned by Westpac) which allow us to connect to your business bank account and request the owner's ID and bank account number, this is our verification system to comply with NZ financial regulations. Please see our Akahu explanation for further info.

In some instances you may not be able to connect your business bank account, in which case can one of the owners of the business please connect with their personal bank account which still allows us to verify their ID, and submit a business bank statement as proof in the onboarding process.

In either case the bank account can be disconnected after verification in the "Bank connection" menu or through Akahu. The bank connection allows us - with your instruction - to initiate payments to us directly from your bank account. If you are not buying Bitcoin from us, you do not need to have a bank account connected.